Glass Systems Scotland receives prestigious “NL employer Charter” gold award!

Glass Systems Scotland has received a prestigious award for supporting North Lanarkshire employment values. The site has become an accredited employer in the NL employer charter which officially recognizes businesses with high standards of excellence.

The employer charter contains key principles which are aligned to drive positive improvements and outcomes in the labour market and focuses broadly on compliance with four key principles,

1. Fair pay
2. Employ local residents
3. Enhance supply chain / procurement / community benefits
4. Ensure fair work practices which attract and retain employees

The award is made on the level of compliance to specific criteria

  • Bronze Award recipients can evidence meeting the criteria of two of the pillars.
  • Silver Award recipients can evidence meeting some of the criteria in three of the pillars and be working towards meeting all four.
  • Gold Award recipients can evidence meeting all the criteria in all four pillars.

Glass Systems Scotland met the criteria in all four pillars and was awarded the Gold Award! This is an outstanding achievement by our Scottish team.

Simon Goldsworthy, National HR Manager, said

“We are delighted that Glass Systems Scotland has been awarded the ‘Gold’ award of the NL employer charter. We want Glass Systems to be recognized as a good local employer committed to the highest employment standards and practices. We are hoping that being involved in the employer charter will boost our company’s profile in the local area of North Lanarkshire which will help us attract new talent to become an employer of choice.”