Innovative 3D glass!

Innovative 3D glass!
Glass Systems, as part of the Press Glass Group, presents a reference project for construction where 3D glass panels were utilised. They are made using an innovative technology patented by the Press Glass Group.

Nordstan is the largest shopping centre in the centre of Goethenburg in Sweden. The building welcomes all passers-by and visitors with our amazing 3D glass façade. It is designed as an imitation of the graphic elements used in our client’s corporate brand.

The glass we manufactured met the requirements for mapping graphic elements of the investor’s brand in terms of shape and quality of glass. This is why it has been used so prominently in the representative front facade of the building! 3D glass uses patented ceramic bending technology.

In Nordstan construction many technical innovations from various industries were used to create a unique design and functionality. Press Glass are delighted to be part of this project.

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