Insulating glass units at its best, thanks to new investments

Glass Systems purchased the LiSEC base LAMICUT laminated glass cutting machine at the glasstec trade fair in Düsseldorf. “We had more orders for laminated glass than we expected, so we had to invest quickly. We bought a cutting table from LiSEC that we had never seen before and that no one in Europe had ever had or heard of before.
In February 2019 the cutting table was installed. We cut almost twice as much as before! This laminated glass cutting machine is the best machine we bought in 2018,” says Khaled Elleboudy – Production Director.

Highlights of the LiSEC base LAMICUT are the Free Fall loading, the extendable lifting arms and the tiltability of the air cushion table. The table offers float glass cutting including a Low-E edge deletion module. Furthermore, the cutting of special shapes is possible.

In 2019 we focus on growth and investment to be able to increase production capacity by approximately 15-20%. We also want to focus even more on software.