Dean Ingram – Production Manager at Barnsley

Dean has worked at Glass Systems for 29 years working his way up through the factory to the position of Production Manager. This has held him in good stead, as he has applied his extensive experience of working in different departments and situations into his current day-to-day work role.


GLASS TIMES – When did you start with us,  tell us about your work history?

DEAN –  I started in the glass industry as a ‘young lad’ driving a transit van from one side of the site literally to the other! I then progressed to driving our 7.5 tonne lorries making deliveries to our customers and building up a good working relationship with them. Once I had mastered the ‘driving’ role I became interested in new opportunities in the factory by starting working in the ‘taping department’.

I was always keeping an eye open for any new openings (even made some of them myself!) and worked my way up through the different grades in various departments. I have gained a wealth of experience, having worked as Health and Safety Manager, Quality Manager and Operations Support Manager, before I was approached by Senior Management at the time to take over the role as Site Manager.

GLASS TIMES  – What changes have you seen in the glass industry in recent years?

DEAN  – The glass industry is always progressing, and I am lucky to be part of Glass Systems, a company who embraces change and advancement. Some of the new robotic technology is fantastic and at Barnsley we have just installed the IG-L robotic loading system which automates the previously manual process of the removal of glass from existing racks, loading the glass onto any vertical transport system.

GLASS TIMES –  What is your biggest achievement since working with us 

DEAN – While I was working my way up to my role now, I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of everything related to producing high quality glass and running the site, establishing good relationships with my colleagues. I was immensely proud to be offered the position of Site Manager achieving the highest position at my site which I felt was a great acknowledgment of the hard work I had put in over the years!

GLASS TIMES – What are you doing at Barnsley to reduce CO2 emissions and introduce sustainability at your site?

DEAN –  At Barnsley we are always looking for new ways to reduce our CO2 emissions by recycling and reducing waste and looking at innovative processes to improve our current production to reduce our carbon footprint.

GLASS TIMES – What about life outside Glass Systems?

DEAN –  Outside of work I enjoy getting out and about, be it pursuing my interests in field sports or putting my sunglasses on and taking my convertible car out for run enjoying the countryside enjoying the fresh air and views in Summer and Winter!