Introduction of new ‘curved’ widescreen monitors into our order processing department at Swansea Head office

At our Swansea office we are minimizing our carbon footprint by receiving and inputting orders digitally, working towards becoming a paperless office.

Lots of paper has been printed at our order processing offices and sometimes it is unavoidable, but with the introduction of our new curved widescreen monitors we are aiming to eliminate printing out paperwork. Four screens were initially introduced, and staff processed the orders received from customers who order through EDI systems. The customer order is received by email, updated, and sent for checking and storing all by the one sales administrator using the one curved screen, this has increased productivity but more importantly reduced the need to print out any paperwork. We have now increased the number of screens to eight due to the success of this new initiative.

Khaled Elleboudy, Managing Director who brought about the changes said.

“The screens allow us to perform side by side tasks – view more than one document at a time and enable us to set up workstations to maximize productivity. By using the split screen capabilities on the curved monitors, our order processors can enter orders directly from customer emails without the need to print any paperwork. These are then uploaded onto a virtual archive system where they are checked and stored. We use a ‘digital ruler’ to check the order on the screen, which has proved invaluable.
Our aim is to continue this across our sites in the South and be 80% paperless by the end of 2022. We will be working towards introducing this across all our sites. We are constantly looking at ways to be more Eco Friendly and make sustainable changes at Glass Systems to lessen the effect of climate change.