We continuously expand
and modernise our machinery



To guarantee the highest quality for our customers, our glass is processed using automated robotic machinery from the most reputable manufactur­ers, including LISEC and HEGLA glass cutting lines, LISEC and BYSTRONIC IGU assembly lines, GLASTON and COOLTEMPER tempering furnaces.

Our products come with a 10-year warranty.

As part of the Press Glass Group, we are included in a cooperation pro­gram where we help our suppliers define the direction of their develop­ment. We participate in testing and implementing new equipment and technologies. Through such equip­ment innovations, we continuously expand and modernise our machinery.

Similarly, we regularly monitor and update our fleet of trucks. This is how we gain and maintain the technological advantage and improve our production efficiency.


Rebranding information

On 1st April 2024
Glass Systems was rebranded
as Press Glass.