Investing in Quality!

We are focussing lots of effort on the quality of our product to be the best we can be. The Glass Systems brand says, “quality product” and this requires our ongoing investment to stay ahead of the curve.

The Quality Department has grown from 4 to 13 members of staff headed by our National Quality Manager, Steve Ivey. Our Quality Team is dedicated to quality improvement with a new position of Quality Technician being implemented across all UK sites.

Each member of the Quality Team has received initial in-house training on root cause analysis, mistake proofing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Additional external training on “continuous improvement” is being provided in Wales to Paul Jones and Callum Gage, pictured above.


The new Team will also be assisting with the development and implementation of training for production operators. There will be a strong focus on reducing waste by making it Right First Time and removing the chance for errors (“mistake proofing”)


Also, we have started to work externally with customers to address inspection methods and offer training to them to avoid unnecessary rejections.

Says Steve Ivey “We have continued plans for further growth to the department in order promote quality and reduce waste.”



What’s the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

QA aims to prevent the defect QC aims to identify and repair or reject defects
Prevents issues Corrects issues
Proactive – plan ahead Reactive – fire fighting
Performed before QC Performed after QA
QA Focusses on Mistake proofing and Process Corrections QC Focusses on Visual Inspection / Rejection