PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) System

Dear Customer,

“We are going paperless in 2023. Below are some key points for you to read over before this happens giving you the chance to contact us with any questions or queries.”

Going paperless definitely has a lot of positives as I’m sure you are all aware, such as the impact on the environment from deforestation all the way to landfill. It has also been proven to increase efficiency in the workplace by not having to print, scan or file documents. We appreciate this is a change for some of you and we would like to reassure you that we are here to help and work with you to enable us and you to move forward.

POD’s (Proof of Delivery) will be sent by Deliverynotes@GlassSystems.co.uk​ which is solely for our Delivery Note system.

We at Glass Systems use a Mail Attachment Downloader which some of our customers may also find usefuIt securely downloads and processes all of your email attachments at-once based on your search preferences. You can setup various filters, like size, file type, who it is from, subject of email, date and time stamp, to specify what you want to download. It does not require or depend on any other email client to be installed and it works with most email service providers straight out of the box.

Have a look at the link below.



We have an automated delivery list which will be sent out pre- delivery to help our customers when we arrive with booking in their glass delivery.

Your delivery list will be sent daily at 3pm the day before delivery. If you have not received yours by then or would like to use a different email address please contact:



Our new PDA system gives us the ability to have a single signature which will then be populated onto every delivery note. Each POD is then instantly emailed to both ourselves and our customers. If you would like these to go to a different email address or multiple email addresses then please contact:


NOTE- In the event of any missing or damaged items, these can be highlighted as such by the driver plus stillage deliveries can be marked as un-checked.


We have now updated our system so that you can receive a single email per day containing all POD’s for one whole days delivery.

This system will contain a single PDF file. This is not standard for all customers, and it is available on request, please contact:


NOTE- Our system is updated every hour throughout the day and will be sent to you from DeliveryNotes@glasssystems.co.uk so they can easily be identified and managed. (as above)


We are currently trialling the system and appreciate any feedback. By March 2023 we will not be issuing paper delivery notes, we will be paperless!! IT IS IMPORTANT to us that if you have any questions or concerns to contact us as soon as possible at admin@glasssystems.co.uk – we have a dedicated team who will be happy to help you.

We will also be working towards setting up a customer portal in the summer of 2023. This will give our customers access to all previous and future orders and deliveries.