Investing in innovative technology with the implementation of a new route optimisation software.

Glass Systems has been looking at ways to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to delivering their orders. Our old system of route planning was paper based with the printing of delivery notes for each customer.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to continuously improve and have easier, faster, and more effective communication. We are pleased to have launched our new Drivers App across our six sites in the UK, which will give us real-time job notifications. We can now use the software to help plan our routes, track, and achieve our deliveries to meet our customers’ expectations delivering a more efficient service.

Each driver has been issued with a mobile device which has all their deliveries on it and plots their routes and gives us the benefits of live reporting. They can scan the order when delivered and it produces an electronic ‘proof of delivery’ (POD) – no delivery notes on paper!

This will take us from a paper-based system to a paperless system which will help lessen the impact of climate change whilst creating a more efficient process for us and our customers.

Dominic Marshman our Regional Transport Manager stated:

“It is going to make the whole operation for the Transport Department a lot more streamlined which will give us the opportunity to concentrate even more on our customer service rather than paperwork and working from a more stable platform. The planning of the routes will be a lot easier and efficient, and we will also have the ability of planning depots remotely which is an exciting prospect for the future. The real-time tracking signed POD’s and photos will also help with our internal processes which we are continuously working on improving. For our customers this will mean they have a digital copy of the signed POD instantly and we aim to work with our customers to hopefully get them into a paperless system with the full transparency of previous orders, future orders and estimated time of arrival (ETAs) for their deliveries.”